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About the training

Are you spending hours working with your text editor, trying to hack Atom, or exploring VSCode forums? It’s time to get trained on Emacs!

More than just an editor, Emacs is a versatile, flexible, and extensible environment. With its extension capabilities and powerful keyboard shortcuts, Emacs can transform the way you work.

Join me in this training to explore all its features, boost your productivity, and discover how Emacs can become your ultimate tool for accomplishing tasks with speed, precision, and ease.

Who am I?


I am Fabrice Niessen, a computer consultant and avid Emacs user for over 24 years. I am an active contributor within the Emacs community, and my journey is marked by various achievements, particularly in enhancing Org mode, a major Emacs extension dedicated to task management, note-taking, and project organization. Through my contributions, I have successfully attracted more users to Emacs and Org mode by adding themes for HTML exports.

As a IT professional, I am passionate about teaching Emacs, and I regularly speak at prestigious conferences such as FOSDEM in Brussels or the LaTeX workshops in Dunkirk, where I have the opportunity to share my knowledge. My presentations primarily highlight the use of Emacs and Org mode for scientific writing, project management, and knowledge organization.

I take great pleasure in contributing to the improvement and expansion of these tools, which are used by many developers, researchers, and writers around the world.

You can find my projects and contributions on my GitHub repositories.

Why choose my training?

  • Unparalleled experience: Benefit from my 24 years of expertise in using Emacs. I have worked with professionals from various sectors, helping them master Emacs to accomplish their tasks more quickly and efficiently.
  • Cutting-edge packages: Learn to use the best Emacs packages to optimize your workflows. From writing a thesis to coding or handling emails, Emacs offers a multitude of features to meet your needs.
  • Intensive 2-day training: My intensive program will enable you to master Emacs in record time. You will learn tips and shortcuts that will make a significant difference in your daily productivity. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to practice your new skills through hands-on exercises.
  • Creation of an exclusive private forum for alumni: This space provides an ideal platform to ask any questions that may arise after completing the training. You will benefit from collaborative support, as fellow participants will also have the opportunity to share their knowledge and address your queries.

That way, by the end of my training, you will be ready to harness the full potential of this powerful text editor and seamlessly incorporate it into your workflow.

Training content and pricing

Locations and dates for upcoming trainings

Explore my upcoming training sessions:

Fundamental training (2 days)

After the successes in Paris and Rotterdam, don’t miss out on the upcoming opportunities:

City Dates Language
Valencia, ES April 11-12, 2024 EN

Advanced training (2 days)

City Dates Language
Paris, FR June 13-14, 2024 FR

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Registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t delay too much to secure your participation.

Prepare to transform your way of working and achieve unparalleled productivity with Emacs. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity. Sign up for my training now and discover the full potential of Emacs to boost your efficiency.

Training content and pricing

Participant testimonials

« A very cool training. Despite using Emacs daily for over 20 years, I learned plenty of new things. Fabrice helped me catch up by presenting the most useful modern packages and sharing all the useful tricks that I had neglected to explore or configure efficiently.
Just as I recommend Emacs to anyone looking to work with text effectively and sustainably, I recommend Fabrice’s training to anyone planning to use Emacs several times a week.
And the 16 hours of training will quickly pay off. Just yesterday, C-x d Q saved me a good 2 hours, I think. »
– Marc Boyer, ONERA Research Director

« Thank you for this great training. Even though I was a daily Emacs user, I learned a lot, and I should quickly improve my productivity thanks to these new packages and keyboard shortcuts. »
– Benoît Bergk Pinto, CNRS Bioinformatician

« I discovered Emacs during this training, and I was impressed by the flexibility of this editor: you can literally edit anything, including our file structure. It saved me a lot of time! Fabrice is very pedagogical and remains available to help us even after the training, which is highly appreciated. Thank you! »
– Marthe Bideault, Ph.D. student

« If you ever thought you wanted to follow a course on Emacs, Fabrice is your guy. He is well known and respected in our niche community. After presenting his workshop in Paris he is now on his way to Rotterdam for a NL workshop. Kudos to you Fabrice! »
– Arjen Wiersma, Teacher at the university of applied sciences NOVI

« Got back from three days diving into #emacs with @fniessen from @emacsboost; learning so much about #orgmode #projectile #helm #kbdmacros etc. Great learning experience with key combinations that gonna stick.
It has been a great training session. Thank you very much for a deeper insight into #emacs! »
– Lukas Bossert, Aachen University IT Center Deputy Head