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Fundamental training (2 days)

Acquire the fundamentals of Emacs and optimize your efficiency right from the start.

Recommended prerequisites: No prior experience with Emacs is required.

However, it is important to have Emacs installed on your system before participating in the training. I want to ensure that you are ready to dive into learning Emacs from the first day of the training.

Here is an overview of the topics covered in my training:

  • Basic editing features
  • Clipboard management
  • Text indentation
  • Command invocation
  • Sorting and manipulation of lines
  • Use of the universal argument
  • Advanced search and replace
  • Rectangle editing
  • Macro creation
  • Simultaneous editing with « multiple cursors »
  • Recursive text search in files
  • Window management
  • Obtaining help
  • Creation of custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Shell integration
  • File manipulation (with Dired)
  • Git integration, including difference comparison
  • Basics of Org mode
  • Tips and tricks

I have carefully selected these topics to provide you with a comprehensive and hands-on training on the essential features of Emacs. Each subject is thoroughly covered with practical exercises to enhance your understanding and strengthen your skills.

Advanced Training (2 days)

Deepen your knowledge and master the advanced features of Emacs for maximum productivity.

Recommended prerequisites: Have completed the fundamental training or have significant prior experience with Emacs.

Here is a portion of the topics covered in my additional module, designed to enhance your expertise in Emacs and improve your efficiency:

  • Configuration of local file and directory variables
  • Advanced editing, with regular expressions or across multiple files
  • Navigation through file structures
  • Use of TRAMP for accessing remote files
  • File manipulation with Dired in editable mode
  • Activation of Lisp debugging
  • Writing Emacs Lisp functions (use of hooks and overriding existing commands)
  • Integration with the Shell
  • Configuration management with Dotfiler
  • Use of Projectile for Git project management
  • Git conflict resolution
  • Navigation and reverting of hunks in Git files
  • Exploration in the Git change history
  • Use of Org Babel (code execution, tangling)
  • Org tables with formulas (spreadsheet)
  • Setting up clocking tools for client billing
  • Management of websites written in Org mode

By focusing on these key topics, you will develop advanced skills that will help you be more productive and efficient in text editing, Shell integration, and Git management with Emacs.

Pricing and offer options

How to choose between the so-called fundamental training and the advanced training?

  • Do you know how to open a file without needing to remember its exact location or full name?
  • What mystery lies behind the C-/ shortcut?
  • If you don’t (yet) know the answer, how could you discover the command invoked by M-y?
  • What happens when you press M-SPC?
  • Can you create an enchanting macro in Emacs?
  • And do you know how to perform rectangle editing?
  • Can you mass-select files in Dired and move them?

If you have accrued 7 points, then the advanced training is already tailored for you!

Below this threshold, you will still be enchanted by the essential automations we explore during the fundamental training… and the numerous tips you will learn will ignite your passion for mastering text and editing, as well as integrating with the shell and Git versioning tool.

Fundamental training (2 days)

City Location Dates Price Language
Valencia, ES Valencia ciudad April 11-12, 2024 587 EUR EN

Advanced training (2 days)

City Location Dates Price Language
Paris, FR Available soon! June 13-14, 2024 587 EUR FR

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